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Powerful Swing Tarding software. Swingtracker has all the following features for half the price that the other leading data providers charge:

  • Real-time quotes
  • Real-time intraday interactive charts
  • Tons of indicators, chart overlays and drawing tools
  • Real-time scanning with the ability to scan
    with hundreds of criteria, everything from: indicators, price patterns, volume, and fundamentals
  • Auto "live" in the market scan, updates on the fly automatically. Put check marks beside the scans you want, they all comes up for you!
  • Real-time market watch lists and multiple portfolios
Yes, SwingTracker will give you instant access to all of this right from your desktop, Don't miss this, check it out NOW!

Quantum Swing Trader

Quantum Swing Trader is a complete step-by-step trading course designed specifically for end-of-day stock traders. It reveals a trading method that shows you how to find those points where the market will jump up or down, and teaches specific tactics to take advantage of this huge moves for big potential profits. It includes a 125-page manual, 9 CD-ROMs, 2 trading blueprints, and a special book for beginner traders.

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