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  Pitbull Investor Stock System

 Pitbull Investor Stock System





DecisionBar Affilite Program



DecisionBar Trading Software has revolutionized the way people trade the stock and futures markets. While it provides you with cutting edge market indicators in real time, it ALSO allows you to decide for yourself what trades you want to take, based on your own style and risk tolerance. DecisionBar automatically charts and adjusts support and resistance levels in real time. DecisionBar generates trading signals in real time based on supply, demand, and volume. Check it out here.

Stock Trading Systems USA

If you're interested in getting results from a system that has proven itself as a consistent producer over the last 16 years, and you want these picks spoon-fed to you eliminating hours of research and watching market fluctuations, then check out this system. With this incredible system that spits out stock signals that It will simply hand over for you to use, you can instantly start using the simple "buy" and "sell" signals and easily ride the coattails of a consistent and time-proven winning system that has produced incredible results. Check it out here

Pitbull Investor

 Pitbull Investor Stock System

The Pitbull investor is a purely mechanical method for exits which would allow you to have protections in place so you could get the risk/reward ratio up over 8 to 1 and still work with lower priced issues, which have more opportunity for doubling and takeovers.

This stock trading system takes the guesswork out of finding good candidates that are poised to take off.. Utilizing these selections in conjunction with the systems Money Management, Stop Loss and Exit strategies, has produced astounding returns time and time again in all market conditions. You will Learn to limit your losses and maximize your gains.

You will normally hold a stock anywhere from 30 to 90 days, sometimes a little longer..You will want to maintain a portfolio of 4 to 8 issues. As an individual issue hits a profit exit, or stop loss, you will look at that week's selections, pick the best issue to replace it with...the best issue determined by the rules outlined in the Pitbull Investor trading manual.

The Pitbull Investor has won the "Stocks & Commoditites Magazine Readers Choice Award" 5 years in a row for favorite stock trading system. John Sweeney, Editor or Stocks & Commodities Magazine has also written a very favorable review on the Pitbull stock trading system...

Earnings Trader

 Earnings Trader System

The EarningsTrader System is based on following the pre-announcements of the companies on a daily list which is provided to you. You DO NOT immediately buy or sell on this announcement, but instead wait to see what the reaction of the market will be and even then DO NOT take every stock. You DO NOT enter the trade immediately, as the majority of these trades will fade, whether long or short Instead the system requires you to wait to enter the trade, thus qualifying the stock for action. Less than 25% of announcing stocks will meet our qualification, but once met better than 70% of the trades have gone on to be profitable.

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