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Stock Trading Plan

Trading the markets without a trading plan is like driving a car without a map to your destination. Trading plans are important if you are to be successful in trading the financial markets.

"The Secrets of Professional Traders Exposed!"

A great ebook resource with everything you need to create your trading plan. The system consists of:

A 200+ page  E-Book all presented in a cohesive, step-by-step, easy-to-follow format...and provides you all the tools necessary for creating your trading plan.

The 35 chapters are broken down into 3 main sections that gradually increase in complexity and slowly build your knowledge.


120 Full color custom made charts and graphics.
You will be able to visually see all the concepts and gain a deeper understanding of the material.

You'll get, blow-by-blow instructions from me going through each chapter, as if you're looking over my shoulders as I do them...


15 Case Studies from Actual Trades. These visual journals come packed with valuable trading knowledge.

Learn to read supply and demand by examining the details from these trades. See how volume plays a major role in price movement.

You will see where I entered, exited and how I managed the trade. I included OVER an hour of audio I explain exactly what I was thinking before, during and after the trades.

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