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Illuminati Trading system

Profit from Market Volatility and WIN EITHER WAY!

Guy Cohen financial trade and the author of two best selling trading books, published by the Financial Times, which have been translated into several languages and are available worldwide reveals his Illuminati Trading system.

He has taught thousands of people via his books, seminars and other materials. His readers include professional traders, private investors and MBA students. These days he charges thousands for a one hour consultation. His clients include major international financial institutions including the largest stock exchange in the world.

Check out the Illumaniti Trading system by clicking here.

Options University


Amazing Option Trading Strategies for safer Investing and explosive profits. It's all revealed in a constantly updated home study course filled with screen-by-screen videos on CD/DVD, PDF manuals, live audio tutorials, unparalleled coaching and support, online members area, help forum, unique insiders tips, real-life case studies — plus a whole lot more!

Presented by Ron Ianieri. Ron has been a mentor to some awesome traders on Wall Street and has taught some of the most refreshing new minds within the options trading industry.Many success stories can be traced all the way back to what Ron has been teaching to institutional traders for the past 7 years. And he knows how to teach exceptionally well!

With the Options University ™ Home Study Course and video CD, you can learn how to maximize your investments with the leveraged power of options! Click here for more information

Options Mastery Series


The Options Mastery Series is the most complete home study course on the market today. Following the same progression of topics as the Live Mastery Classes, the Options Mastery Series is a multi-disc CD set encompassing over 30 hours of power point presentation spanning across every aspect of option trading from the Option Pricing Model, the “Greeks,” and Synthetic Positions, to the Basic Strategies and through the Advanced Strategies.

The presentation includes an extensive amount of slides featuring many charts and diagrams. The instructor also has the ability to draw onto the power point presentation to aid in the description and/or explanation of the more difficult topics.

This course is based off the course that Ron Ianieri developed and taught to many professional option floor traders. Ron’s class was well respected for its depth of content, logical progression, and clarity by many professional traders and was highly sought after by young traders to be.

The success and skill of the traders who went through the class did not go unnoticed and many of those graduates openly say they owe much of their success to the knowledge they acquired from Ron and that class. Now you have the ability to learn what the pros learned in that class and to study under the same teacher who taught them.

For more information, or to reserve your copy click here.

Online Trading Academy Options Trading Home Study Courses

Professional Trader Education Value Pack for Options Traders Receive over 16 hours (9 CD's) of OTA's best Options trading education in one package! From their beginner to their more advanced courses, this package will work synergistically to increase your trading knowledge and propel you to trading success.
Options CD 1 - Opting for Options Trading Get introduced to the flexible world of Options trading and how to use them to manage risk in your trading.
Options CD 2 - Understanding the Greeks Get the real story behind the "Greek" letters and how they affect options!
Options CD 3 - Mastering Options Volatility Volatility in Options Trading is singly the most important aspect when calculating a high probability profit. In other words, master this concept, and watch your trading account increase!











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