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Options Mastery Classes


The Options University have launched a fanrastic 12-week program on the RIGHT way to trade options – safely and profitably. Its called“Live Options Mastery Online Classes – Discover The Powerful And Profitable Secrets Of A Former Options Floor Trader”.

In this 12-week program, you'll be able to literally look over Options expert and ex options floor trader Ron Ianieri shoulder and watch as he  “pulls  back the curtain” and reveal – in intimate detail – exactly, step-by-step, how he  produces huge profits – the safe and easy way - trading options. He has  taught over 100 traders just like you how to master the options markets (see the web site for some of their exciting testimonials). Would you like to be next?

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Options Strategy Spotlight Series

The Options University 'Strategy Spotlight' Live Video Classes Feature a New Option Strategy Every Month, Covered in Amazing Detail,and Show You How To Bank Big Profits in the Markets Using Options! If You've Ever Wanted To Take Your Options Knowledge To the Next Level...

They teach 15 of the Most Powerful Options Trading Strategies Available Anywhere -- Guaranteed! You won't find any tired, re-hashed 'pie-in-the-sky' strategies here.

Just time-tested PROVEN options trading strategies that work. These are the very same strategies that professional options traders have used on the floor for years to maximize profits and minimize risk. The key is in knowing How and When to use the right strategy!

And that's exactly what they teach you each and every month. They are very popular as most of their previous classes have sold out so register now

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