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Elliott wave Independant Investor Book

An educational, powerful, and FREE eBook to help investors think independently.

This 75-page Independent Investor eBook is comprised of 5 of the most groundbreaking and eye-opening reports ever published in the 27-year history of Elliott Wave International. Originally published as the Independent Investor Crash Course, this valuable series of reports was accessed by over 25,000 visitors.

The Independent Investor eBook will show you the simple beauty of the true relationships among financial markets, the economy, and human psychology. You'll learn to think independently.

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Successful market timing depends upon learning the patterns of crowd behavior. By anticipating the crowd, you can avoid falling victim to the pitfalls over which most in the herd stumble.

Our EWI Basic Tutorial describes these patterns and explains how they relate to one another. Over the years, we have taught tens of thousands of people to use this powerful method of analyzing the markets.

This 10-lesson course is comprehensive, with the same content you'd receive in a formal training class. Your largest benefit is that you can set your own pace and review the material as many times as you like.

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